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Echosmith: “Over My Head” review

Noah Wiskoff, Print Writer

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Echosmith is a California-based band of three siblings, Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota. They are known for their indie style and almost whimsical, yet relatable, lyrics. They became popular for their songs such as “Cool Kids” and “Bright.” However, they have recently released a new song called “Over My Head”, which is the first single released off of their upcoming album, Inside a Dream.

This song shows some of their first new music since their brother, Jamie, left the band in order to spend more time with his wife and child. To prove that they’re still strong without their brother, they have become seemingly more mature in their musical style and with help from their hit songwriter father, they set out to prove that they can succeed and thrive.

“Over My Head” strays away from their normal style and is more of a pop sounding single with simpler lyrics. It tries to be mainstream and they let the music and lyrics attest to that goal of radio play. While it is a very catchy and hummable song, the avid listener can hear the simplicity and generic lyrics. For example, the line “over my head” is repeated many times throughout the chorus and it is basically the entire chorus of the song.  That can attest to the lyrical simplicity of it as well. The band also conveys a more mature tone by moving away from a whimsical style and bringing forth a more serious tone.

The song’s lyrics depict the frustration of the singer with her significant other and his inability to communicate and seems to think that things go right “over her head”. She also details her constant frustration at the fact that her significant other talks about things and subjects she has a hard time understanding. You can feel her emotions in the song and she does a good job of conveying them through her voice and cadence. “Over My Head” is relatable in the fact that most of the common listeners can understand her frustration in the people she cares about and their inability to communicate. Listeners can also relate to feeling dumb when we find things out that seemed to be were right in front of us but just went right “over our head”. .

Echosmith’s debut track off of their new album shows maturity and change in their style while still sticking to their roots. It also shows their ability to overcome adversity by making good music after losing a key member of their band. Overall, the simplistic yet mature stylings will most likely be in everyone’s head, rather than over it


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Echosmith: “Over My Head” review