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Mission Statement 

The Cobra Chronicle is a creative outlet for aspiring journalists to share their opinion while also reporting on school and local news. Our staff aims to be the most accurate, interesting, in-depth and timely source of news for Park Vista. Staff members strive to write what they would want to read, in turn, producing relevant content for staff, students and parents that reflect their interests and priorities.

All opinions expressed through articles within this publication belong to the writer alone, they are not the views of The Cobra Chronicle or the school as a whole. All concerns, opinions, statements, questions and contributions are encouraged and are graciously accepted, as we aim to create an “open atmosphere” between our newsroom and the students for whom we create this newspaper.

Above all else, our publication is truly for students, by students. With our love for writing, we will continue to develop our skills to become stronger reporters to provide the Park Vista community with the best publication possible.

By Annalise Wellman


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